Gynecomastia: Men with Breast

Imagine what it would feel like having “man boobs” in a society wherein masculinity is glorified. Imagine having to hide your body all the time, afraid of being humiliated because of the condition. Would it be difficult to leave a normal life knowing you are different form everybody else?

Gynecomastia is a condition of abnormal enlargement of the breasts of men. It is associated with overgrowth of breast tissue rather than excess fatty tissue. This condition occurs to 90% of adolescence and even to the elderly. Though there is no common cause, several actions can be taken to treat the condition.

Gynecomastia sometimes doesn’t need to be treated. It is normally benign. This can be avoided by not taking recreational drugs or medications that cause hormonal imbalance. Though testing isn’t necessary for gynecomastia, it is usually done to rule out certain diseases. But aside from the physical insecurity that gynecomastia can cause to a person, this also creates psychological and social problems to the sufferer.

Though this problem can be treated in different ways depending on its cause, the emotional hurt and pain that this condition might have caused to the person should also be addressed. Plastic surgery can treat the physical dilemma of the person after 1-2 hours of surgery but the psychological aspect of it would take years to mend.

Men who have gynecomastia often feel embarrassed with the condition. This causes low self esteem. They often try to hide it by wearing big loose t-shirts and the simple act of taking their t-shirt off in the beach is unlikely. Unlike women, men don’t discuss these issues and as much as they can, they will try to hide it. Some are not open to the idea of plastic surgery as a solution due to health, religion or financial reasons. Most men would just leave this condition untreated.

There are several options to treat gynecomastia; surgery, clothing, weight loss programs, and gynecomastia pills. There are pro’s and con’s for each treatment; surgery may be the quickest treatment however the pain and risk of bleeding and infection will always be there because it’s an invasive procedure; clothing could camouflage the large breasts but it does not necessarily solve the problem; weight loss programs may be the safest but some people may not finish the entire course because it does take some time to see actual results; gynecomastia pills on the other hand are quite popular since it is safer than surgery and it could resolve the problem faster than most weight loss programs.

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